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In short

Langmate is a geosocial networking “penpal” app made in Japan, designed to connect people globally with the same language interests, regardless of age, gender or origin.

Initially a user of the app, I was compelled by its potential and offered my design services to enhance its overall UI and user experience.
The primary goal to me was to revamp the app to improve accessibility and engagement, making it more appealing, and functional for both Japan local market and a more diverse and worldwide user base.

In short


最初はこのアプリのユーザーでしたが、その潜在能力に魅力を感じ、UIとユーザーエクスペリエンスを向上させるためにデザインサービスを提供することにしました。 私の主な目標は、アプリを改良してアクセシビリティとエンゲージメントを向上させ、日本のローカル市場とさらに多様で世界的なユーザーベースの両方に魅力的で機能的なものにすることでした。


Throughout the project, the main challenge was designing an interface and experience that would cater to an incredibly broad audience. This involved understanding and integrating varied cultural nuances and behavior, while still maintaining the focus on its Japanese origin and unique social behaviors.




Approach: I initiated a comprehensive redesign of the app, starting with a new conceptual framework that redefined it as a “geosocial network app.” This included a thorough revamp of the UI to make it universally appealing, more inviting and less romantically inclined, focusing on user comfort and specifically targeting a broader, including female, audience.

Significant changes were made to make the app more inclusive and engaging:




UI Elements

I transformed key visual elements to better resonate with a global audience. The heart icons, previously implying romantic connections, were replaced with smiley faces to promote a friendly, social interaction environment.

Terminology Adjustments

I revised the terminology used within the app to enhance user perception and remove any transactional feel. For example, the in-app currency previously known as “Coins” was renamed to “Smiles,” adding a playful, less commercial tone.





Typography Enhancements

To achieve visual coherence and simplify development processes, I developed “Langmate Sans,” a custom font that blends existing glyphs with newly designed ones, accommodating both the Latin alphabet and Japanese characters with specific kerning adjustments. Additionally, I created “Androido,” a custom sans serif font for Android, to address inconsistencies in how the platform managed the mix of alphabet and Japanese characters, providing an needed alternative to the standard “Roboto” system font.


視覚的な一貫性を達成し、開発プロセスを簡素化するために、「Langmate Sans」というカスタムフォントを開発しました。このフォントは、既存のグリフと新しくデザインされたものを組み合わせ、ラテンアルファベットと日本語の文字に特定のカーニング調整を施しています。さらに、Android用のカスタムサンセリフフォント「Androido」を作成し、プラットフォームがアルファベットと日本語の文字の混在をどのように管理しているかの不一致に対処し、標準の「Roboto」システムフォントに代わる必要な選択肢を提供しました。

Pricing Strategy

The pricing structure was overhauled to ensure affordability and increase the perceived value. This involved adjusting the costs associated with premium features and enhancing the offerings available to free users, which improved overall user satisfaction and engagement.

Subscription Models

Recognizing the need for better user segmentation, I redesigned the subscription tiers. The “VIP” status was renamed to “Premium” to avoid elitist connotations. Additionally, a new “Plus+” subscription was introduced exclusively for female users, balancing the value proposition across different user demographics.





Advanced Features

New features such as “Local People” and “Advanced Filters” were introduced, allowing users to connect based on detailed preferences like hobbies, interests, location, and languages spoken. This customization capability significantly enhanced the user’s ability to make meaningful connections.



Cultural Integration and Brand Identity

I created “Langchan,” a mascot that embodies both Japanese cultural elements and international appeal. This character assists users by providing guidance, displaying useful information, and enhancing the overall user experience with a comforting and trustworthy presence. The design strategically appeals to Japanese users as somewhat “foreign,” while also being distinctly Japanese to international users.




The redesign led to significantly better user feedback, higher ratings on app stores, and increased media recognition. Notably, user retention and daily usage increased, reflecting the app’s improved engagement metrics.
The project received positive feedback from users but also from media, including a feature on Japanese TV and magazines, which highlighted the app’s success post-redesign.


リデザインにより、ユーザーからのフィードバックが大幅に向上し、アプリストアの評価が高くなり、メディアの注目度も上がりました。特にユーザーの維持率と日常的な使用が増加し、アプリのエンゲージメント指標が改善されたことが反映されています。 フィードバック/認識:

Future of the app

The insights gained have paved the way for future enhancements, including new features and updates that continue to refine user experience and engagement.